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A little family fun is just what the doctor prescribed.

I got the clear last week to resume all activities. So, you know we had to plan a trip to our community pool with the kids. My parents and niece are here with us, and it’s nice to have my parents experience our little girl’s first trip to the water. Fortunately, we had our SwimWays Infant Baby Spring Float with Sun Canopy to keep our girl safe.

Let Your Worries Float Away
Since moving to Florida, we’ve relied on SwimWays products to help introduce our boys to the water. Known as an industry leader in helping children learn to swim and promoting water safety, SwimWays has a number of products to allow you and your family the chance to enjoy yourselves in the water.

This was our first time using the Infant Baby Spring Float with Sun Canopy. Although we were hesitant to use the product and just wanted to hold our baby, we thought about the benefits of using this fabric-covered baby float for infants who are 3-9 months old:

– Allows moms to enjoy pool time with their little ones without having to hold them;
– Keeps their little one comfortable and supported during their first adventure into the swimming pool; and
– Helps to create a positive water introduction experience.

With family over, it’s easy to get distracted while taking care of kids. The boys were excited to see that their baby sister would be joining them in the pool as well. Having the Infant Baby Spring Float with Sun Canopy makes it easier to keep an eye on the little ones in the water.

The Infant Baby Spring Float with Sun Canopy features include a soft seat that cradles your baby and features a 3-point harness to keep your little one secure at all times. It also has additional security features like the dual inflation chambers, child safety valves, and a wide base with an innerspring around the outside edge of the float for stability.

For added protection, the Infant Baby Spring Float with Sun Canopy has built-in handles that allow you to hold the baby float securely at all times. For those of you who love family travel, the Infant Baby Spring Float with Sun Canopy folds flat and compact into the included carry case. The sun canopy with UPF 50+ can be removed or adjusted to aid in sun protection to help care for baby’s delicate skin.

Beyond Water Floaties
It’s never a good idea to rely heavily on water floats. In fact, SwimWays offers resources via the Teach Me To Swim website to help you and your little one understand water safety techniques. For those of you looking for a quick way to teach your child how to become acquainted with the water, head over the Teach Me To Swim website and head over to the Swim Steps tab.

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23 responses to “Water Safety With SwimWays”

  1. I love that the Infant Baby Spring Float with Sun Canopy has SPF50 and can be moved as I would want the baby shaded at all times. I also love that you included the safety part and link to SwimWays safety directions.

  2. oh my gosh, your baby is adorable! Love the sunshade so the baby can enjoy the summer but stay safe as well!

  3. Your baby is so sweet! We loved baby floats like this when my kids were infants. It’s so good to get them used to the water at a young age.

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