How To Recover  From Mom Burnout


Learn how to recover from a mom burnout with these easy steps.

Best option  for winding down

1-2 hours before your  bedtime

50 Self-Care Ideas >>>

1. Light a Jen Luana candle 2. Tidy up your space 3. Create a bedtime routine 4. Reach out to a loved one 5. Take a bubble bath 6. Read an interesting book 7. Listen to music 8. Go for a walk 9. Enjoy time alone 10. Warm up your favorite warm beverage 11. Spend time with someone you love 12. Dance your heart out 13. Set boundaries for yourself 14. Write down how you feel 15. Share your thoughts with a loved one 16. Eat a healthy treat 17. Watch a funny show 18. Dress comfortably 19. Give yourself a facial 20. Skim through your favorite magazine

21. Practice breathing exercises 22. Compliment a stranger 23. Plan a meet-up with friends 24. Treat yourself to something special 25. Reorganize your space 26. Start a vision board 27. Jot down things that make you happy 28. Clean out your junk drawer 29. Help someone who needs assistance 30. Send a loved one a text about missing them 31. Put aside a money jar 32. Reflect on your day 33. Workout 34. Do your hair 35. Give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure 36. Cuddle with a pet or loved one 37. Recite positive affirmations 38. Catch an episode or two of your favorite show 39. Try fun self-care activities 40. Make sleep a priority

41. Focus on saying No 42. Scroll through old photos 43. Put your phone on silent 44. Declutter your home 45. Create a donation pile 46. Tune in to a podcast 47. Write down ideas for the future 48. Get dressed up for no occasion 49. Plan your To-Do list for tomorrow 50. Stretch your body

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