Benefits Of Having A Pet And Why Your Kids Could Use One

There are various benefits of having a pet at home for your family. Read on to learn how pets can make you happy and improve your life.

Some pets shed a lot. Some people are allergic to pets.

I get it.

We had an 80 lb Siberian husky before having our first child. It wasn’t easy having family or friends over.

Most Aside from having husky hair all over the carpet, there have been a couple of friends that have not come over since we got our pup, and I cannot blame them. Rocky is a bit intimidating. Even I was a little scared of him at first.

Another fun fact to know is I was not even thinking of getting a dog when we got Rocky. In fact, I never had a big dog in my life. I grew up with chihuahuas. Jeff grew up with dogs, different types, and he always wanted a labrododdle ( a lab a poodle mix). For some, small dogs are toy dogs. For others, small dogs are annoying. Either way, I am glad we have a pet at home. He is part of the family. No, seriously, we consider him our first son.

Below is a list of reasons why having a pet and a child is awesome:

Pets are the perfect baby trainers. 

Rocky was our baby trainer. We got Rocky in May 2013. Sebastian was born in July. There were a few things we needed to work on with our pup that has helped us deal with parenting as well.

Pets give you unconditional love.
Your child(ren) will become independent. They will move on with their lives and might even forget about you from time to time. Your pet will be there for you. They will depend on you for food, walks and cuddles.

They teach you responsibility.
Early mornings will have a different meaning. If it is not your baby waking you up, it is your pet. We are up at 5:30am to let Rocky out. He also requires a couple of walks during the day. We do not mind. We like it because it keeps us active and we get to enjoy not-always-sunny Florida. 😉

They keep you active.
Pets and children take on after their family. If you are active, they will be too. And for your health and your family’s, it is important that you do keep active. Even if it is a walk around the block. Do it. It will help you feel less stressed and your pet and baby will love you for it.

They look so cute together!
There is no denying how cute pets and babies look together. I mean, just look at these photos.

Rocky And Sebastian

And if those do not convince you, how about this one: ‘Til tomorrow, loves…

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