“I wouldn’t trade anything. You’re still my everything.”

My son has brought out a different side of me since I first found out I was going to be a mother. A happier, warmer person who puts her foot down to protect herself and her family.

Although I would not trade the wonderful feelings and memories I have created with him, there are several things I miss from my pre-mom days that have changed. Most have changed for the better.

I sat down on his potty seat the other night while my son bathed. I keep it next to the bathtub in the guest bathroom because it makes for the perfect stool.

Sebastian could not stop smiling as he splashed water everywhere, and I could not help but replicate his smile. His happiness reminded me of the days a simple extra five minutes in the shower would make my night, too.

As he continued to play in his bath, I took out my phone and began to think of the times I was so “care-free” as he. A list of 10 things I miss from before I became a mother popped into mind:

1. Bubble baths before bedtime. Although I may not be the one enjoying them anymore my son gets to relax in his tub and play with for an extra couple of minutes with bubbles/his bath water. At least I sometimes get extra time in the shower.

2. People watching at the park. There is nothing more interesting than watching other people interact with their loved ones at a park. I remember talking walks through a local park every weekend just to clear my mind, making a pitstop on a park bench and waving at familiar faces. Sometimes I still do a little people watching at the store, but that is a little odd.

3. Long trips to Barnes and Noble. I used to spend most of my day at Barnes and Noble and just read and skim certain sections. I used to go with friends sometimes just to hang out, and that was like my little piece of heaven. I sometimes take trips there with Sebastian, but we often get interrupted by naptime and a very cranky baby.

4. Playing on the swings. I was obsessed with swings as a child and well into my adulthood. I have tried sharing my love with Sebastian, but I think he does not like the feeling of being off the ground.

5. Going to bed by 8pm. This is a big one for me because I love sleep, and I think it is so important to get ample amounts of it. I have tried, but with Jeff’s schedule it kind of throws us off. Plus, right when Jeff comes home, that is when I practically clock out. 

6. Random car rides with my cousin. My cousin and I had this thing that if we did not know where we were driving to we would be okay with it because we would get lost and discover a new place. It was like going on an adventure. Now, I rely heavily on GPS whenever I have to go somewhere I had never been before just to save time.

7. Reading at night. Although I may not be reading the books I have yet  to finish from approximately 4 to 5 years ago, I read with my little ones. Whether it is during the day or at night, Sebastian and I take the time to read a book or two, and sometimes four to five. It depends on his mood.

8. Dinner dates with friends. I think it was the highlight of my week whenever we went on dinner dates. Sebastian’s godmother and I had a joke about whenever we would hang out because it was pretty much what we did. Whether it was at Friday’s or a local restaurant, we always had fun. Sometimes it would just be the two of us, other times we would invite other mutual friends. Now, dinner dates are with my family, and although I miss the ones I had with friends, I love being able to sit at the dinner table and discuss our day. It is definitely a tradition I would like to keep throughout the years.

9. Our Thursday nights. Jeff and I used to spend Thursday nights together because it was his day off. I miss those moments. Now, we spend Thursdays as a family, doing errands and sometimes we get to just lay back and relax. Keyword: sometimes. 

10. More “me time.” I remember being able to get in the car and just drive anywhere and everywhere my heart desired. Today, going food shopping is part of “me time” and it makes me happy to be able to choose how and what I would like to prepare for my family’s meals.

Are there any things you miss from your pre-mom days? Share them in a comment below! 

6 responses to “What I Miss Most From My Pre-Mom Days”

  1. Glad to hear I'm not alone. It's not easy, but sometimes I sneak a few pages or a chapter in the waiting room or during nap time. But it's been a while since I've done that. :/

  2. I can relate to everything on your list. My boyfriend and I used to go on random car rides when we were still in high school and they turned out to be some fun adventures with no care in the world. I definitely miss that feeling of not having to constantly be so worried about another person. xxo

    • Ha! Too cute. There are so many fun things to do with kids, but these are things I miss the most from "my day." Sigh*

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