This year, I’m keeping it pretty simple, and — of course — sweet! 

I’ve noticed the Costco stores here in South Florida don’t carry the individual coffee packs my mom and I would buy to fill our baskets. However, they do have the chocolate powder individual packets. And as a hot cocoa lover, I’m all for it! 
So, what will I be adding this year? 
For years I’ve been obsessed with the different Coca-Cola glasses available at Dollar Tree. I’ve purchased a couple and have received compliments about them from family and friends. This year, I’m going to add one for each basket as a container to hold the treats. Here are the two styles I’ve purchase in the past and will be using for this year’s holiday baskets:
Coca-Cola Can Shaped Glass 
Coca-Cola 6 oz. Glass
The Treats 
As much as I love candy canes, I’ve never added them to the list. And just as I was about to pick up two packs of mini candy canes for my holiday baskets, I realized they didn’t fit well in the 6 oz. glass cups. So I went ahead and switched the mini candy canes for the thick mints they sell this time of year. 
And of course, the chocolates! 

Sebastian loves the York peppermint patties and I’ve slowly developed a taste for them. I purchased two bags of the miniature ones from Dollar Tree to fit the glass cups and to make less of a mess when Sebastian picks one or two while I make the baskets. 
Then, I chose the new Hershey’s Kisses to make a statement. They will be replacing the Ferrero Rocher chocolates I buy every year. They are just as delicate and Christmas-y, but less expensive. 

The Smiles
I’ve always been fascinated with the way people light up when you offer them something from your heart. I guess that’s why my mom would make three holiday baskets every year. 
I’m not sure if she’s making hers for family and friends, but I’m really happy I picked up this holiday tradition from her. It definitely makes a difference when you take the time to create something for someone. 
Do you like making gifts for family and friends? 

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