If you could imagine what doggie heaven looks like, I am pretty sure it would look a lot like Happy Tails Park in Plantation, FL. We visited this beautiful dog park for the first time about two months ago, and Rocky really enjoyed himself. It was great seeing him run from one side of the park to the next, literally wagging his tail. There were a couple of dogs, all interesting breeds.

Details Of The Park

The park is huge, and has three distinct areas: one for agility training, another for small dogs (less than 25 lbs.), and the other for large dogs (25 lbs. or more). Jeff and I both agreed that the park space is well-distributed. Jeff thinks it might once have been a baseball field. Yes, it is that big!

We had a great time with Rocky and the other dogs, even Sebastian enjoyed himself as he watched the dogs run. Below are a couple of images from out first time at Happy Tails.

And yes, we have gone back several times since. 🙂

Happy Saturday! 

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