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Finding out I was going to be a mom was not the easiest news to swallow. Although it was a shock, I felt blessed. When you have family and friends close enough to understand the experience of having a child without ever going through it, this can be very rewarding. Aside from the obvious ask questions and learn about their parenting styles, you can better understand their trial and errors when it comes to products. And this is so important for me. 

I did not know anyone who chose a jogger over a regular stroller. What I did know was the struggle most moms had getting around with their stroller of choice. Transitioning from concrete to grass, and opening and closing it were a hassle.

Knowing I would need one of my own, I had to research for something a lot more comfortable and easy to use. I went with the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger – Tangerine because the wheels are rubber, similar to the ones we have on our car tires. It has three wheels and enough compartments to hold our keys, phones and water bottles on the top, and the bottom storage is perfect for the diaper bag and Rocky’s bag when we go on trips.

Moving Around
Because we are always on-the-go, it was important for our stroller to be the same. I take our boys on afternoon walks every day and I hold the corner of the jogger in one hand and Rocky’s leash in the other. I have seen strollers that require both hands. As a mom, my hands are always multi-tasking. This jogger allows me to give Sebastian and Rocky the attention they require. I could even walk side-by-side my son, holding on to the jogger while Rocky walks in front of us.

Aside from afternoon walks, we take trips to local parks and beaches. Taking the jogger out of the car requires two hands, but opening and closing it works perfectly fine with one. This is a plus for anyone, not just moms.

Getting around with the jogger makes it easy because we just pack it up and go wherever our heart desires. I even use it to move out groceries out of the car and into our home.

If you are an active family, I highly recommend this jogger for you.

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

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