Workin’ Moms Highlights Post-Maternity Leave Problems And Why Mothers Have It Tough

Workin’ Moms Season 6 debuted in May 2022 with talks of a 7th season in the works. Read what you can expect to see in this Netflix Original.

Trying to find something to watch late at night as I pull up my laptop to get started on my workload, I came across a show on Netflix that caught my eye. It was Workin’ Moms.

Not only was the title intriguing, but the synopsis of the show drew me in.

It reminded me of going back to work after having our firstborn, and again after having our second. It was during our third that I completely skipped maternity leave and picked up right where I left off before giving birth.

Heck, I even remember planning my “leave” weeks in advance and messaging all my clients to let them know I was going to do things way in advance in case I went into labor.

As exciting as it was to see my earnings during those months, I didn’t like how it made me feel.

As you watch Workin’ Moms, you can sense the new-mom confusion within the mommy-and-me sessions. Each mom is battling with the changes that come with being a new parent.

Watching the four women portrayed in the Netflix original, I felt myself bonding with them. I was reminded of the following:
– What it felt like to go back to the office;
– To feel as though your child has become the center of your spouse’s world;
– To not know whether you are doing enough; and
– To want to do more.

What Makes ‘Workin’ Moms’ So Relatable

Although one of the women already has an older child, there’s the feeling of disconnect with her daughter. I watched as that same mom discussed the emotions she faced with her unplanned pregnancy. I felt myself drift back into the time when we found out we were expecting our third.

Some people assume that it gets easier with each child. Overall, it does, but you mentally have to prepare yourself for what’s to come.

Adding another member to your family can be financially difficult and emotionally overbearing. At times, it might feel as though you’re stretching yourself too thin. In most cases, you are.

Workin’ Moms does a great job in portraying these emotions and more throughout the first season. Although it’s not something you’d watch with your husband — sorry, he just might not get it and that’s okay — Workin’ Moms makes girls time a lot easier by bringing it to your living room.

I highly recommend this show to family and friends, and I can’t wait for season two in Spring 2019.

Have you seen Workin’ Moms yet? Tell me what you think about it in a comment below!

34 responses to “Workin’ Moms Highlights Post-Maternity Leave Problems And Why Mothers Have It Tough”

  1. I haven’t seen this yet but it sounds like it’s definitely worth a watch. I’ll look out for it next time I’m scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch!

  2. Oh I need to see this. As you say it all sounds so relatable to me. I went back after my first 3 children then gave it all up to buy and run Coombe Mill with the next 3. Working Mums really appeals. Thank you for the recommendation.

  3. I’m quite excited to start forming my own family, though it’s not in the works for at least the next year. Still, it’s very exciting to read on this!

  4. I think such issues are very important to address and understand and be ready for it. It is great people now think more about all the matters in life.

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