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Raising kids can be exciting for parents because it’s a chance to be a kid again. Whether you decide to participate in the Yes Day Challenge or not, there’s much to learn from Jennifer Garner’s movie on Netflix. 

Yes Day for kids might sound exciting, but there are a handful of ground rules for a successful Yes Day Challenge.
Think of ground rules for you and the kids to create the best day together.

The book-inspired Netflix film is a great reminder that rules are still necessary when caring for kids, even on fun days. Although my family and I have something similar to this fun challenge, there are reasons why something like a concept works when raising multiple kids. 

When life gets stressful, the best thing to do is to think like a kid. Make your tasks exciting and have fun when you do them. 

For instance, if you need to wash the car, get the kids involved. Have everyone throw on their bathing suits and do it together. 

You can always plan something else after completing the task to keep the fun going. Some days my family and I will get work done around the house and head over to the community pool to cool off. 

Is Yes Day A Real Thing

The concept behind this challenge is to do things you don’t normally do with your family and have clean fun while you do it. 

You can create your own version of this challenge with your family that won’t hurt the bank and will provide the most entertainment for everyone involved. 

With multiple kids comes more options. Each child has the opportunity to choose an activity they’d like to do with everyone, and this can be exciting. 

Where Can I Watch Yes Day

The movie is being streamed on Netflix. You can watch the trailer here: 

This reminds me of the idea of dating your kids. My family and I tried this for a month or so and it wasn’t easy. Sometimes this option can feel like you’re excluding someone. 

I like having a day like this with the kids because it reminds your family of the importance of sticking together and doing things someone else enjoys. 

BONUS: You can always find ways to make the time more exciting for yourself. For example, going to a kid carnival might not be exciting for a teen, but you can try the food there and get creative with the condiments. 

How Can I Create A Yes Day Ideas Challenge At Home

Thinking of creative ways to make time with your kids is exciting. You get to think like a kid again. 

One of the best things about this challenge is that for those moments together you forget anything that’s going on in your life. 

This concept is a great way to let go of any worries you may have weighing on your shoulders. As a mom of multiples, I know first-hand the stress that comes with raising 3 kids at home. 

You feel the emotions build up every day. You take a sigh of relief when they’re in bed, only to do it again the next day. 

Create Yes Day ideas for the family. Think of Yes Day rules you can implement as well.
Create Yes Day ideas for the kids to enjoy.

With a challenge like this, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy moments together. After all, isn’t that what matters when raising kids? 

Here’s what you need to know to create this challenge at home. 

  1. Lay out some ground rules for you and the kids. 
  2. Let the kids plan out the day.
  3. Prepare last-minute things the night before. 

When you lay out ground rules for you and the kids, you’re making it easier for everyone to know what to expect from each other. Days off mean little to no screen time for my family. 

The idea of not using your screens makes it easier for everyone to engage with one another and not be interrupted with distractions. This is something mentioned in the Netflix movie that helped the family enjoy their time together. 

By letting the kids plan the day out, you’re giving them the option to create their dream play date with you. It’s easy to forget that kids have emotions too when you’re dealing with everyday stress. 

This list of self-care activities for kids can help when planning a day together throughout the month. 

When you prepare last-minute things the night before the Yes Day, you’re letting your kids know that this day is important. Not only is it important for them, but it’s also important to you. 

Choosing to plan ahead for your special day is like scheduling fun self-care activities for the family to enjoy together. You can use these fun mom ideas to help guide you as well. 

You can also gather ideas from the Yes Day Movie on Netflix. The rules were quite simple and easy to follow: 

  1. Nothing too expensive;
  2. Nothing in the future;
  3. Nothing too far from home;
  4. No screen time; and 
  5. No saying “No”. 

What Activities To Do On Yes Day For Kids

With more families spending time with each other, there’s a number of ways you can make it exciting together. You can decide to create these options at home or outdoors as a family. 

If you’re thinking about what activities to do on Yes Day, then you’ll need to consider two things: do you want to travel a bit or would you like to stay local? 

There are several ways you can get the most out of the time indoors by creating your own game, watching a family comedy, or taking turns telling stories. 

Family game nights are fun to try because it’s good, clean competition. When you focus on indoor activities with the kids like game nights, you’re also helping your child be strategic.

Spending time indoors can cause you to lose your mind, but playing board games together will force you to use your mind instead. 

Watching a family comedy helps with the best medicine of all — laughter. Laughing together can help bring down stress levels. 

Taking turns telling stories together is a fun way to get creative as a family. You’re also using your mind when you make up these stories for entertainment. 

If you’re looking to take your Yes Day outdoors, then I recommend thinking about something your family has been wanting to do together. Visiting a theme park is a great option for a family day. 

A theme park like Disneyland or Legoland would be a good fit for a day like this. Choosing a theme park for a Yes Day makes it easy on parents. 

Here’s why: 

  • You get to choose the theme park in advance;
  • Booking your tickets ahead of time helps with budgeting;
  • Food is already taken care of; and  
  • Everyone already knows what to expect. 
Planning some family time? Think of a Yes Day adventure for the kids.
Think of Yes Day ideas the kids won’t forget.

Understanding There Are Consequences To A Yes Day

Too much of a good thing can be too much at times. When you bend the rules, there’s the possibility of something going wrong. 

The idea of the Yes Day challenge is to help families have fun together. Creating memories doesn’t have to get dangerous. 

“Everything within reason” is something my husband and I like to tell the kids when planning family activities. Although things can get out of hand regardless of having rules or not, knowing how to handle situations is important. 

Owning up to your decisions is important. Family movie nights around here mean the kids get to choose their own candy/treat for the film. 

Sometimes this means the kids are on a sugar high after the movie. Understanding there are consequences to letting kids have that small freedom means that as a parent you have to remind kids to cool it down. 

This is when the kids run outside and take in loads of water to bring down the sugar rush. Teaching your child early on about coping skills is important to their emotional health. 

Another perk to having a Yes Day as a family is that you help your child see the value in creating ground rules for everyone. Even as adults, your kids will be faced with rules and the sooner your kids understand the reason why the rules need to be implemented, the better off your kids will be. 

To help kids understand consequences, you need to explain things before the inevitable happens. Both kids and adults can benefit from trying these Yes Day ideas without getting too overwhelmed. 

One of the things that Rotten Tomatoes points out about a Yes Day is depicted in the movie is how the Yes Day challenge can be a parent’s nightmare. The family comedy shows what could happen the first time you implement this new idea to your kids. 

Most kids who don’t get much freedom are more likely to act out when they do. However, there are exceptions and this is when your parenting is tested. 

The Yes Day movie is predictable. However, the film plays out what life is like with multiple kids and the importance of giving everyone their time to shine. 

Is A Yes Day Worth It

Trying the Yes Day ideas challenge with your kids sounds more exciting in theory than in practice. However, creating a family day is a lot like having a Yes Day. 

If you’re thinking of planning a Yes Day for the family, then I recommend taking it easy and going with just a simple family day at the park. 

Planning a day together is exciting. You don’t need to jump right in with a Yes Day for kids. 

You can start by asking the kids to throw in one thing they’d like to do at the park. One kid might throw in a ball and the other may want to bring a bike. 

The idea is to spend time together and create memories. The more you do this, the better your kids will react to a Yes Day with the family. 

With time, you can ease into a Yes Day by implementing a Yes Morning or a Yes Afternoon with the kids. This can help your kids slowly get accustomed to the idea of the ground rules and what’s expected from everyone. 

What To Remind Yourself On Yes Day

If you’re brave enough to go with a full-on Yes Day before trying anything in between, then you’ll need to keep a handful of things in mind. 

Your kids are going to want more than they could probably handle. Be okay with excess eating, doing something out of the norm, and possibly wanting to scream. 

I’m a drill sergeant with the kids (according to my husband), and sometimes mess drives me insane. The more I see it, the more my blood begins to boil. 

On family days, I’ve learned to just say “tomorrow is a new day”, and go on with the time together. Of course, you can always have everyone on board with kids house chores

Another thing to keep in mind are the ground rules the kids have set aside. If no screen time or working from home was mentioned, then they mean it. 

Follow the rules and put your phone/laptop away. The most important work you’ll ever do is right there in front of you. 

Raising healthy, happy kids is important. The more you dedicate time to them, the more they’ll value the idea of family time. 

Kids will test your patience, but it’s the memories that they keep. These memories will stay with them into their adulthood and will teach them to pass it on to their family as well. 

Inspiring Quotes From The Yes Day Movie 

Watching the family comedy Yes Day brought tears to my eyes thinking about the tough moments of raising 3 kids. 

Watching Jennifer Garner’s role in the beginning reminded me of the mom I never wanted to be. The hustle of everyday life does get in the way and you feel guilty because it’s a must to keep moving in life. 

Some of the words stuck out in the film, and I wanted to share in case these quotes help someone else: 

Yes day movie quotes I love

“No became the new YES!” 

Saying “yes” can be a blessing in disguise. When I focused on adding more yeses into my day, the kids were less upset and didn’t act out as much. 

Those moments I spent finishing up something that didn’t really have a deadline were now being spent on creating memories with the kids. 

Yes Day ideas and quotes you'll love

“Maybe by being a little less serious, we can make things better.”

It’s interesting to see how much beauty there is in life once you learn to laugh at moments together. There’s a sense of relief when you can laugh at things that you were too stressed to see before. 

Sometimes those silly moments are all you have left from memories with someone, and that’s why it’s worth creating them together. 

Want to be a fun mom again? Try a Yes Day.

“I invented fun, I used to be the fun-est person I knew!”

Being a fun person doesn’t take much. Becoming a parent changes things because you no longer have to worry about yourself. 

There’s another part of you out there (more pieces with each kid), and you want to protect it every step of the way. Finding ways to make everyday life exciting can help. 

Best day ever yes day ideas

“This is the BEST DAY EVER!”

Sometimes you forget how simple it is to make your kids smile. This quote reminds me of the value in simple, everyday activities with certain tweaks for each kid. 

Knowing your child and giving your child the opportunity to get to know you is beautiful. 

You are the best mom - Yes Day movie

“You are the best mom!”

This is a wonderful reminder of why family days are important. Your kids get to appreciate what you do for them, minus the added stress of everyday life. 

“Is it crazy I am already looking forward to our next Yes Day?”

Family days can be addicting if done right. Planning some time with the kids takes understanding what works and what doesn’t. 

Make time for some trial and error with the kids by testing different ways to keep everyone entertained and happy. You’re given one life — enjoy it. 

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